The Callisto Protocol Season Pass includes 12 death animations, harder difficulty and a new paywall mode

I can also paint a red flag if you want. Callisto Protocol’s Season Pass content has been announced, and it appears that the game will lock a lot of exclusive content behind a paywall. There are 12 death animations in total, more difficult choices, and another area that will be locked for those who don’t have the Season Pass.

So what are the details?  Here is the content , detailed on the game’s Steam page :

  • Outsider Skins Collection: Wear the armor of the outsider, the underground rebel movement against the UJC, and fight for survival in the brutality of Callisto.
  • Set “Infection”: Discover an incredible survival horror adventure in the new infection mode. With reduced ammo and health, personal difficulty, and permanent death, you will never get a second chance to escape from the dark iron prison or the horrors that lie beneath Callisto’s surface. The Contagion series also includes the Death of Jacob animation and the Watchtower movie collection.
  • Riot Series: Adventure into the previously unexplored territory of the Black Iron Prison and fight waves of brutal enemies. Collect credits to upgrade your weapons or build new ones, and survive the onslaught for as long as possible in Riot, a brand new mode. The Riot Bundle also includes XNUMX new enemy death animations and a collection of Engineer skins.
  • Add Story: Unveil the terrifying secrets of the Callisto Protocol.

A story DLC is expected at this point, but it would be very unusual to see a difficulty mode like Hard Core, as well as 12 more deadly moves locked behind a paywall. I assume that this is consistent with the marketing of the game, which revolved around showing Cruel action in the game.

Callisto Protocol is expected to be released on December 2nd for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC. Season Pass content will be available to users who purchase the Digital Deluxe Edition.

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