The best indestructible armor sets in Runescape and how to get them

Island repair fees in Runescape can get expensive quickly, especially in some of the harder games. Repair costs in the late game can run into crazy numbers that most players playing on a budget may not be able to afford.

Fortunately, there is such a thing as a non-degradable armor set that can reduce some of the cost while still being competitive in terms of performance. While there are indestructible armor sets in Runescape, only a few of them are considered suitable for the late game.

Fortunately, each player model has a suitable non-decomposable set that they can use when fighting bosses without fear of increased repair costs.

The best melee armor set in Runescape

For melee players, the best indestructible armor set is Zaros’ Anima Core. This suit has the same stats as the Torva suit (but without the prayer or hit point bonus), and it requires your character to have a defense score of 80 to wear. When all three pieces are combined (helmet, abdomen, legs. ), this set will give your character 1101 defense and 76.2 melee bonus, which can be further upgraded to 1250.5 and 81.2 respectively.

The Anima Core armor set of Zaros can be created by combining silent Anima core parts with the Crests of Zaros. These pieces are rare bosses from the Heart of Gielinor dungeon (also known as The Heart or God Wars Dungeon 2). Keep in mind that this upgrade will require more gear, as well as a few Serenic, Sliskean, Zamorakian, and Zarosian Essences for the armor to reach its full potential. But then you will have a very useful melee armor set.

The best incorruptible armor set in Runescape

For players who prefer ranged combat, the most destructive armor set is Zamorak’s Anima Core. With the same stats as the Pernix set (except for the prayer or point bonus), this set also requires a defense rating of 80 for your character to wear it. When you combine the components of the helmet, torso, and limbs, your character will have a defense bonus of 1101 and a combat style with a range of 76,2. Then they can be revised to 1250.5 and 81.2, respectively.

To make the Zamorak Anima Core armor set, again, you’ll need to combine parts of the dormant Anima Core, this time with Zamorak Crests. We’ll go back to the God Wars dungeons and Gielinor’s heart once more to get them. As with other Anima Core gear, you’ll want to upgrade it with additional stay parts and a few Serenic, Sliskean, Zamorakian, and Zarosian Essences, which will then be crafted into a very respectable indestructible armor set.

The best smart armor set that doesn’t decay in Runescape

For magic users, we’ll once again turn to the trusty Anima Core set, with the best indestructible armor set being Seren’s Anima Core set. This set has comparable stats to the Virtus set, again without prayers or bonus points. It requires the player to have a defense score of 80 to assemble, when combined with three pieces of armor from the set, you will get a bonus of 1101 for defense and 76.2 with magic. These bonuses can be increased to 1250,5 and 81,2 respectively.

This armor requires Dormant Anima core pieces to craft, which are then combined with Crests of Seren. As expected, these stray pieces are the boss drops from the God Wars dungeon, Heart of Gielinor. As mentioned earlier, you can upgrade this armor to fully utilize its power, and to do so, you’ll need more Sleeper Parts, as well as some Serenic, Sliskian, Zamorakian, and Zarosian Essences. Then you will have a valuable magical armor that does not decay.

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