Measure of health and diet effect by walking distance

The health and diet effects obtained by walking change the amount of energy that can be consumed depending on the walking distance and speed.

So, first, let’s look at the difference in the effects of walking for distances of 1 km, 5 km, and 10 km.

Effects of walking 1km

According to the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, even walking for about 10 minutes several times a day over the long term can be expected to have health benefits.

The average distance that can be walked in 10 minutes is about 600-700m (approximately 1,000 steps), so walking 1km should take about 15 minutes.

(Source: Physical Activity/Exercise , Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare)

For example, without using your own car or bicycle, you can go shopping on foot or get off one station before and walk. You can expect some improvement.

Effects of walking 5km

A 5km walk should take about 75-90 minutes.

Calories burned by walking can be calculated as “METs x body weight (kg) x exercise time (h) x 1.05”.

METs are units that indicate the intensity of exercise, and walking is said to have an exercise intensity of 3.5 METs when resting is 1 METs.

For example, calculating the calorie consumption of a 50 kg person walking for 75 minutes is 3.5 (METs) x 50 (kg) x 1.25 (h) x 1.05 = about 229 kcal.

In other words, walking a distance of 5 km can burn more than 200 kcal, and walking for more than 20 minutes will increase muscle strength and burn fat, so you can expect a diet effect.

Effect of walking 10km

When the walking distance reaches 10 km, individual differences in walking speed tend to occur. Therefore, some people can walk 10km in about 90 minutes, but others may take more than 2 hours.

Walking 10 km can be expected to have the same diet effect as 5 km.

If a person weighing 50 kg walks for 90 minutes, the calorie consumption is 3.5 (METs) x 50 (kg) x 1.5 (h) x 1.05 = about 275 kcal. (METs) x 50 (kg) x 2 (h) x 1.05 = about 367 kcal”.

However, if a beginner walker tries to walk 10km from the beginning, the burden on the body will increase and it may not last long.

In order to obtain health and diet effects from walking, it is more important to continue than to walk the length of the day, so there is no need to force yourself to walk a long distance.

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How many kilometers is recommended for walking? Introducing distances suitable for different purposes

If you start walking for the purpose of maintaining your health or losing weight, why not decide the distance you will walk while keeping in mind that you will continue walking for the long term?

From here, we will introduce recommended distances for each purpose of walking.

Suitable distance for walking for health maintenance

If you start walking for the purpose of maintaining your health, walk for a distance of about 1 km (about 10 to 15 minutes) twice in the morning and evening, or walk for a distance of 2 km or more (30 minutes or more) at least 2 days a week. Why don’t you make it a goal?

First of all, it is important to make a habit of walking. Let’s be conscious of enjoying rather than walking the determined distance.

(Source: Physical Activity/Exercise , Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare)

Distance suitable for walking for diet purpose

For diet purposes, it is recommended to continue walking for at least 2 km (30 minutes or more) every day.

Walking is an aerobic exercise, so you can expect a fat burning effect by continuing for 20 minutes or more. Also, if you continue to do it every day, you can expect to increase your muscle strength, and by increasing your basal metabolic rate, you will be able to build.

Of course, even if you are trying to lose weight, the point is not to overdo it from the beginning, but to extend the distance little by little.

(Source: Review Committee Report on Revision of Exercise Standards and Exercise Guidelines , Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare)

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How to enjoy and points to note according to the walking distance

Walking is important, of course, but it’s more important to enjoy it.

Next, we will explain how to enjoy walking and points to note, depending on the distance of walking.

Shorter distances are easier to incorporate into your lifestyle

If walking is a short distance for about 10 minutes a day, try incorporating it into your lifestyle.

There are many opportunities for walking in your daily life, such as walking your daily shopping, walking your dog around your house, getting off the train one stop earlier and walking home.

It is also recommended to decide on a course and destination that you can enjoy while walking, such as choosing a walking course where you can relax or where the scenery is beautiful.

By clarifying the location and purpose, you will be able to repeat the 10-minute walk several times a day.

Don’t forget to hydrate even on short distances

Make sure to stay well hydrated, even when walking short distances.

Not only during the hot summer months, but also in spring and autumn when the temperature is mild, and even in winter when the cold wind is a concern, you will sweat when you move your body. Especially in winter, it is easy to forget to hydrate, but if you walk while wearing protection against the cold, you may end up sweating a lot.

It is recommended to carry a plastic bottle or water bottle in a walking bag such as a rucksack, a backpack, or a waist pouch, as it will make it easier to hydrate frequently.

Use the walking course for long distances

When walking long distances, try walking courses.

It is also recommended to choose a walking course with a distance that suits you and walk with your friends toward the goal point.

Walking is not a strenuous exercise like running, so you can walk while talking with your friends.

Even if you thought it was a distant goal, you might reach it in no time if you enjoy walking while chatting.

Of course, when walking on the walking course, be sure to hydrate frequently.

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Regardless of the distance, clothes and shoes are important

When walking, prepare clothes and shoes that allow you to move easily regardless of the distance you walk.
Many clothes suitable for walking are sweat-absorbing and quick-drying, so you can reduce sweat chills.

Also, if you walk in sneakers that you normally wear, it may put a strain on your feet, so be careful.

To reduce the burden on your body and feet, wear shoes that are well-cushioned and suitable for walking.

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