How to make hot chocolate looks easy, just add some hot water or milk to the chocolate powder. This is true, but this can only be regarded as a very ordinary drink, just like eating rice without vegetables. For real hot chocolate, there are still some ways to prepare it. Here, we share how to make the best hot chocolate ever.

Different people must have different opinions on what constitutes a delicious chocolate drink. However, many hot chocolates are pleasantly surprised by their rich chocolate aroma and mellow milky aroma when they first enter the mouth, but they cannot be finished because they are too rich or too sweet. A good cup of hot chocolate should be able to set off waves of chocolate aroma in your mouth from beginning to end, and let you drink it freely!

Which chocolate is best for hot or cold drinks?

To make hot chocolate, you must choose the right chocolate, and the best choice is pure dark chocolate, such as Couverture, or 66% pure dark chocolate. The chocolate will melt at a temperature of 40 degrees Celsius to ensure the best texture and concentration.

If you want to use white or milk chocolate, be careful not to add any more milk, as too much milk will overpower the taste of chocolate and the drink will become chocolate milk. You can also choose to add cocoa powder for extra flavor. However, because cocoa powder contains emulsifiers, sugar or other substances, which may change the texture, taste and quality of the beverage, this actually depends on personal preference.

Next, the most important thing is to melt the chocolate under a slow fire, then add the whipped fresh milk, and stir slowly. At this time, a cup of delicious hot chocolate is ready

Is it important to use milk or cream?

The answer is very important. To make a delicious chocolate drink, like making coffee, we recommend using fresh milk with a clean taste and slightly sweet taste, so that the fresh milk will not overpower the taste of chocolate. Adding frothed whipped milk to the melted chocolate ensures that the final drink retains its chocolate flavor.
How to ensure smooth drink taste?

In order to ensure that the drink tastes better, the first thing to consider is the freshness and quality of the materials used, and it must be brewed in the correct way. Chocolate must be melted at a temperature of about 40 degrees Celsius, and fresh milk must be foamed at a temperature between 65-70 degrees Celsius. Precision is the key to brewing the perfect drink!

If you want to add some flavor to your hot chocolate, how do you do it?
Chocolate can be combined with many flavors. However, because each type of chocolate has its own unique taste, the flavor of the fusion also depends on the chocolate used. For example, 65% pure chocolate pairs very well with berries and lots of spices. In addition, 75% pure dark chocolate is perfect with any flavor, such as cheese, sea salt, coffee, tea, citrus fruit, biscuits or dried fruit, etc., are very suitable.

To make your chocolate drink stand out, add some shredded chocolate or marshmallows.

Here are some of our recipes:

  • The hot chocolate is topped with shredded white, dark and milk chocolate that slowly melts into the drink and served with marshmallows.
  • It’s also quite good with a little saltiness in hot chocolate. You can top the hot cocoa with a layer of cold cream and a mini salty cheese stick.
  • Adding cold-pressed freshly squeezed orange juice to the chocolate cold drink, the sweetness of the orange juice balances the sweetness of the hot cocoa, which is a perfect match.
  • Add some spices like turmeric, star anise, ginger, cloves and a pinch of black pepper for those who like it warm and spicy.

Finally, I wish you all the delicious chocolate that can satisfy your family.

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