God of War Ragnarok – How to solve the broken bridge puzzle in Vanaheim

The Reckoning quest in God of War Ragnarok includes various puzzles to solve. One is a River Seal puzzle where you have to cross a river to complete a mission, and the other is a broken bridge puzzle near an abandoned village. Eventually you will stumble upon this broken bridge that you must cross, but there is no easy way to complete the task.

You need to move the crane, but soon you will see that it is blocked and you cannot just turn your hand to use the grapple. However, if you need help with the broken bridge in Vanaheim closed, you will find the solution here.

When you find a broken bridge, you will notice that it cannot be crossed. However, if you look closely at your surroundings and below the crane, you will see some blue brambles that can be burned with your Chaos Blades. Aim at them with L2 and then use R2 to set them on fire.

In this way, you will release the large beam that is stuck under the lamp, and you will still be able to move the crane. To do this, aim at the yellow and black paddle you see below the crane arm so you can spin it. You need to hit correctly with the Leviathan Ax as shown in the picture above.

Finally the crane will move and you can use the grapple on the left to get to another platform. At this point, you need to turn the faucet twice so that you can turn the fire to the other side, burning brambles blocking your path. You can hit the paddle under the crane boom with your Leviathan ax to achieve this goal.

When you see fire in front of you, you can interact with it using your Blades of Chaos and the game will prompt you to do so by pressing the Circle button. Move this large fire barrel towards you and throw it at the bush on the broken bridge. Repeat this to clear the path and then you are ready to continue.

At this point, you need to return to the original platform by turning the crane again and using the grapple.You can use grapple to cross it and continue your journey in God of War Ragnarok.

You can also find a Norn Chest in this area, which needs to be unlocked to open. To do this, you have to light all three lights that you find nearby. For two of them, you need to use the fire barrel attached to the crane, and for the last one, located at the end of the bridge, you can use your Blades of Chaos.

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