Basic items you want to have when walking and how to choose them

The basic goods that you want to have when walking and the things that are convenient to have are as follows.Wearshoescap (hat)sunglassessports mask or face coveringPouchsockswater bottle

First of all, I will introduce how to choose each walking goods.


Clothes such as shirts, pants, and innerwear that you wear when walking are important items for walking comfortably.

It is easy to sweat when walking, so choose clothes with excellent sweat absorption and quick drying properties in order to reduce the discomfort of a wet shirt clinging to your body and to reduce sweat chills.

If it is made of breathable material, it will not retain heat, so it is suitable as walking wear in summer.

On the other hand, walking clothes worn in winter should have excellent heat retention to protect against the cold.

You can also enjoy walking comfortably by choosing pants made of stretchy material that allows for easy movement.

We recommend wearing shorts and half-lengths in the summer, and long pants in the winter, depending on the season. Wearing sports tights and leggings for a layered style is also popular.


It is recommended that the shoes you wear when walking are made for walking, not the shoes you normally wear.

When choosing walking shoes, if possible, try them on to check the fit and see if they fit your feet.

Also, by choosing shoes with excellent cushioning, you can expect the effect of reducing the burden on your feet and supporting your walking.

When walking on rainy days or after rain, wear highly waterproof or water-repellent shoes. It is better to choose one.

cap (hat)

A walking cap is also one of the items you want to have.

In summer, it protects your head from the sun, so it is a measure against heat and UV rays.

Also, if you choose a sweat-absorbing and quick-drying one, or one with a sweat-stopping function, you will be able to reduce the discomfort caused by sweat and sweat chills.

A cap that absorbs sweat may discolor or retain an odor if left unattended, so we recommend choosing a cap that can be easily cleaned at home.


UV rays can also damage your eyes, so it is important for people who walk outdoors to wear sunglasses to protect their eyes from UV rays.

Among sports sunglasses that are suitable for walking, there are types that fit well and do not slip easily, and high-performance types with processed lenses.

Also, recently, there are some sunglasses that do not look much different from general sunglasses, so even those who have the impression that sports sunglasses have a lot of flashy designs will find something that is easy to use.

sports mask

Due to the influence of the new coronavirus, it is now recommended to wear a mask not only in daily life but also during exercise such as walking and training.

Sports masks have better breathability than non-woven masks, and some have a three-dimensional structure, so they are easy to breathe.

Also, even if you sweat, it won’t get stuffy and discomfort will be reduced, so it’s recommended to have a separate mask for walking.

Some sports masks use materials that feel cool to the touch or have heat retention, so you can use them according to the season and temperature to protect against heat and cold.

face cover

A sports mask is one of the convenient walking goods, but people who are uneasy or reluctant to wear a mask while exercising, or who are not good at wearing a mask for a long time, wear a face cover for walking. is also recommended.

Many face covers are easier to breathe than masks, and some of them can be set with a suitable temperature cooling material, so they are also useful as a countermeasure against the heat.

Also, if it has a structure that covers from the nose to the bottom and is long to the neck, it will also be a UV countermeasure.


We want to walk as lightly as possible, but there are some things that you need to carry around, such as coins, keys, and smartphones.

A walking pouch is a convenient item to have in such a case.

Some pouches for walking are designed to make walking comfortable, such as those with a storage space for ice packs and other items, and those that can hold water bottles.


It is also important to prepare socks for walking.

If your socks slip inside your shoes while walking, it can put a strain on your feet, so choose socks that have a non-slip finish when walking.

Also, if you walk for a long time, you will sweat and get stuffy, and the odor will accumulate, so it is recommended to wear clothes with antibacterial and deodorizing functions.

It is also important to choose walking socks that fit the size of your feet.

Be careful not to wear socks that are not the right size, as they may slip out of place while walking and may make you feel uncomfortable.

water bottle

It is necessary to hydrate frequently when exercising, not just walking.

It is good to carry a plastic bottle, but it is also recommended to use a water bottle in consideration of ease of drinking and ecology.

There are various types on the market, such as ones with a cooling function, ones with straws that allow you to drink while walking, and ones that are lightweight, so look for one that is easy to carry around and use. .

Recommended brands for walking goods

For walking goods, we recommend choosing sports brands that offer a wide variety of highly functional items.
From here on, we will introduce popular brands that have all the goods you need for walking.

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